Industry test

This path is a game-changer for technology-driven startups aiming to revolutionize industries. Collaborate directly with leading corporations in your sector, offering a golden opportunity to test your technology in real-world scenarios. 

“Huge Thing Startup Booster” jest współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach programu Fundusze Europejskie dla Nowoczesnej Gospodarki 2021-2027, Priorytet FENG.02 Środowisko sprzyjające innowacjom, Działanie FENG.02.28 Startup Booster Poland – Smart UP. Całkowita wartość projektu 15 780 300,00 zł, dofinansowanie 15 187 072,00 zł.

Path description

Industry Test path is tailored specifically for startups looking to test their solution with corporate partners. This path can be your gateway to successful cooperation with industry leaders.
Accelerated startups will have a chance to understand the specific conditions of working with large organizations and gain access to our network consisting of mentors, investors, and corporate representatives. The main goal of acceleration is to test startup’s solution on corporate infrastructure.

During the program, Huge Thing will launch three batches of Industry Test paths – in 2024, 2025, and 2026. Each batch will be dedicated to 8 startups.

Who are we looking for?

Readiness to test with a large partner

In the Industry Test path, you will work directly with one of our corporate partners. Your startup needs to have organizational readiness and possess knowledge of specific conditions applying to large organizations.

TRL 6-9

Our corporate partners want your technology to be at least TRL 6, market-proven, and ready to test on their infrastructure.

Program Highlights & Timeline


Up to 350k PLN grant

In this path, we can offer you up to a 350k PLN grant, to cover all the expenses related to testing your solution and mentoring services. The value of the grant depends on the individual acceleration path.

Partnership with corporate partner

By participating in the industry test path you can establish a solid relationship with corporate, lasting even after the program ends.


Huge Thing is offering you a wide range of mentorship services, including workshops. In this acceleration path, you will participate in the following workshops: pricing, B2B/B2C sales, team management, mindfulness, CSR&ESG, and VC ecosystem. 


Building new connections is a key for successful business. We can connect you with corporate partners, mentors, tutors and key market players. We also care about your integration with the startup ecosystem, giving access to our Alumni Club and invitations for our events.


In the Industry Test path, we want to carry out a series of workshops that can expand your knowledge and product readiness. Our offer is tailor-made and based on proven experience of working with startups.

Meet our partners

A partners you can work with during this program edition.


Veolia’s ambition is to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation. With nearly 218,000 employees on five continents, the Group designs and deploys useful, practical solutions for managing water, waste and energy that help to radically change the world. Through its three complementary activities, Veolia contributes to developing access to resources, preserving available resources and renewing them. In 2023, the Veolia group served 113 million people with drinking water and 103 million with wastewater services, produced 42 terawatt-hours of energy and recovered 63 million metric tons of waste.


Since 1993, Rossmann has proudly operated in Poland, establishing a formidable reputation as a leader in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to providing a diverse range of superior products and exceptional service, our 17,000 strong team operates across over 1,800 drugstores, 4 distribution centers, and an independent IT center, allowing us to confidently serve over 9.3 million customers with a selection of over 24,000 products. We welcome you to collaborate with our colleagues from the Innovation and R&D departments to co-create the Drugstore of the Future!


Worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction market. Its integrated solutions for the renovation of public and private buildings, light construction and the decarbonization of construction and industry are developed through a continuous innovation process and provide sustainability and performance. The Group’s commitment is guided by its purpose, “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.

PZU Group

PZU Group is the largest financial institution in CEE. We are trusted by over 22 million customers in five countries. Operating in the areas of insurance, banking, investments and healthcare, we manage nearly PLN 470 billion in assets.

Implementing innovations is a crucial aspect of the PZU Ready for Startups program. We would like to respond not only to what goes on in the insurtech area, but also to be ahead of those trends.

CPI Property Group

CPI Property Group (CPIPG) has been active in Poland since 2013. Following its 2022 acquisition of a 76.8% stake in Immofinanz, CPIPG now manages all of Immofinanz’s office and retail properties. It oversees 23 office buildings in prime Warsaw locations, totaling over 561,000 sqm and valued at EUR 1.7483 billion, making it the city’s leading office market owner by gross leasable area. CPIPG’s retail portfolio includes CH Ogrody in Elbląg, CH Orkana in Lublin, four Vivo! centers, and City Market and Stop Shop retail parks. The retail area totals 272,000 sqm GLA, valued at EUR 437 million.

PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski is an innovation platform, developed by one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Within Let’s Fintech, the bank cooperates with startups business-wise and implements new technologies, provides its API, develops open banking solutions, and invests in most promising tech companies. PKO Bank Polski is looking for startups that offer an MVP of their solution, generate sales or are scaling their business, and operate in the following areas: Digital banking, Customer engagement, Data & analytics, Blockchain, Open banking, Security & data protection.

Miasto Zduńska Wola

Zduńska Wola stawia czoło wyzwaniom związanym z utratą funkcji społeczno-gospodarczych. Wspólnie dążymy do przekształcenia się w przyjazne, piętnastominutowe estetyczne i zielone środowisko życia. W obszarze technologicznym i innowacyjnym stawiamy sobie wyzwania, biorąc udział w różnych inicjatywach, a także współpracując aktywnie ze start-up’ami. Z sukcesem spróbowaliśmy także swoich sił w bezprecedensowych dla nas wyzwaniach, takich jak Hackathon dla Miast czy Akademia Miast Przyszłości.


Legimi is Poland’s first digital library, offering readers ebooks, audiobooks and synchrobooks. The company has gone from a start-up to a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect market). As part of the Huge Thing programme, it will be looking for projects operating in the area of the wider book market and subscription businesses.

Poznan CityLab

Poznan CityLab is an initiative resulting from the evolution of the Smart City Poznań idea. It puts citizens at the centre of innovation and aims to develop the city and the region through the collaboration of the local ecosystem, resulting from the city’s proactive attitude. Poznan CityLab’s main objectives include: responding to the needs of the City – organisations and citizens, cooperation of many areas, agile action in response to diagnosed challenges: minimising silos in the organisation, which will improve the communication of residents with the City and the model of resolving their issues, searching for and implementing appropriate solutions.

Alior Bank

Alior Bank launched its operations in 2008 and is now a medium-sized, fast-growing universal bank serving both individual and business customers. Through innovative offers and high standards of customer service, Alior Bank has gained a significant market position and has built a robust, recognizable, and acknowledged brand in the Polish banking market. Combining principles of traditional banking with innovative solutions, the bank sets new standards and directions for development of the Polish banking sector.


Stay tuned!


Legimi is Poland’s first digital library, offering readers ebooks, audiobooks and synchrobooks. The company has gone from a start-up to a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (New Connect market). As part of the Huge Thing programme, it will be looking for projects operating in the area of the wider book market and subscription businesses.


Privacy Policy
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Startup Booster by Huge Thing

Maria Tyka-Majewska

Senior Program Manager

Saint Gobain - challenges

Efficient and ecological recovery of flat glass

We are looking for solutions to recover as much flat glass as possible in a safe manner. We are not limited to the technology used, but at the same time we want a solution that is environmentally friendly and does not use toxic chemicals.

Waste glass collection technology

We are looking for solutions that can be used in manufacturing plants to collect flat glass waste generated during the production and handling of glass products. We want to automate the process of cleaning glass cullet that can be reused in the production process. Consider that the distance between the floor and the production line at the lowest point is 60 cm.

Laminated glass production process

We are looking for solutions to identify bottlenecks on a laminated glass production line . The line handles the production of different types of glass, with different process parameters. The purpose of the test is to improve the efficiency of production by minimizing the duration of its various stages, based on information obtained from the system planned for implementation.

CPI Property Group - challenges

Digitalization of building documentation

We are looking for a solution that will enable secure and fast digitization and archiving of building documentation, which will be carried out directly at the facility to which the documentation relates. The solution should provide quick, easy and intuitive access to the archived documents.

Zduńska Wola - challenges

Cyber Security

We are looking for solutions to increase the level of cyber security in the city and to protect the data of residents and businesses in Zdunska Wola. The area of interest also includes technologies to repel cyber attacks to which the public administration is exposed in the current geopolitical situation. As part of the challenge, we are also looking for solutions to increase citizens' awareness and knowledge of cyber security.

Rainwater channels

We are looking for technology that will allow us to inventory technical data on rainwater channels and drainage ditches and monitor their filling status. Based on the data, the local government should be able to estimate the necessary materials and the cost of repairs in case of failure.

Attractive city app

We are looking for solutions that will create an attractive city application that will allow us to integrate existing solutions, such as reporting faults, checking public transportation schedules and making medical appointments. The city also aims to increase users of three types of Zduńska Wola cards.

Alior Bank - challenges


We search for solutions which can help us to provide the best possible customerexperience for our clients, regardless of the chosen customer service channel. The solutions should provide seamless connection between various channels (mobile app, phone-calls, branches etc.)

Main digital relationship

We search for solutions which can intensify customers’ engagement in our banking mobile app. We want to provide new, innovative functions and value-added services for our customers and encourage them to use our mobile app more frequently. The solutions should address our clients’ needs on daily basis or help us to improve banking processes inside the app to make it more engaging. New functionalities and services can be implemented on-premise or using mobile SDK.

Starta Capital is a New York-based venture ecosystem that includes three early-stage VC funds, a co-investment platform for angel investors, and acceleration & immersion programs for startups and scale-ups. Its flagship batches run twice a year in the New York office. In addition, Starta also runs four associate programs annually in collaboration with some of the Ivy League and top schools around the world.

This in-person program takes place in both New York and Silicon Valley and focuses on entering and validating the US market, as well as building a strong client and investor network. It’s an ideal option for companies looking to establish sales, launch pilot projects, fundraise, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the US ecosystem. Key focus areas include market research and competitive analysis, hands-on work on building a client pipeline, identifying grant opportunities, setting up an effective investor outreach campaign, guidance on incorporation and business immigration, and legal advice on fundraising tools and processes. The program also emphasizes in-person connections, featuring multiple networking events per week and two Investor Showcases (Demo Days), one in Silicon Valley and one in New York. Duration options are 12 weeks or 6 weeks.

The program also emphasizes in-person connections, featuring multiple networking events per week and two Investor Showcases (Demo Days), one in Silicon Valley and one in New York. Duration options are 12 weeks or 6 weeks.

Joanna Kozioł

Project Manager/ Interim Innovation Specialist

Joanna joined Huge Thing in 2024. As an Interim Innovation Specialist she is responsible for cooperation with bigger organisations in the area of innovations management. Her professional experience is based on academia and R&D projects related to Disaster Risk Reduction and safety engineering. Moreover last year she decided to switch industry and entered the “innovative” ecosystem of start-ups and acceleration which inspires her more and more. She is a huuuge fan of city breaks and the art of cafe hopping.

EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy is looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Hydrogen Economy Equipment
  • Water Tech
  • Raw materials (mining efficiency & impact)
  • Point source carbon capture
  • Biogenic CO2 (BECCS: carbon capturing, removal, and storage)
  • Decarbonization of industrial heat
  • Aluminum value chain & aluminum-air batteries
  • Heavy road transport electrification
  • Digital solutions (smart grid and energy consumption management)
  • Textile recycling

We received your survey, we will contact with you soon.

Do you have any questions?
Marketing strategy for startups

Kuba Radzikowski

Marketing Strategy Consultant


We are looking for:

    • Technologies supporting PZU in insurance prevention and mitigation of life, health and property insurance risks for individual and corporate customers, this includes solutions that support physical and mental prevention;
    • Technologies which will support call center workers in their everyday job – simplify their job and reduce the risk of errors;
    • Ideas and technologies that will help our distribution partnersto increase sales and improve workflow. These solutions can include development of alternative sales channels and improvements in the process.
    • Actuarial solutions for risk assessment and pricing excellence in motor insurance
    We aim not only to respond to development in insurtech but also to stay ahead of these trends. PZU is looking for startups operating in various areas, particularly in insurtech, advanced analytics solutions, digitalization, and new customer interactions.
  • Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship

    The Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Nevada, Reno was founded in 2014 by a gift from Eren and Fatih Ozmen. Headquartered in Sparks, NV, Sierra Nevada Corporation is a privately held company under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Fatih Ozmen and President, Eren Ozmen. SNC-owned Sierra Space has been tasked by NASA to build a Dream Chaser Space Plane.Ozmen Center’s goals are to focus on the development of entrepreneurial skills, improve northern Nevada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and attract high- growth tech companies from all over the world to successfully land and succeed in the US with a help of our mentors & entrepreneurs in residence. Our major initiatives include an international startup school, Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition, LaunchNevada, International Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium, IREX Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge, and Aerospace and Defense Academy.

    Jagoda Bujno

    Communication Intern

    Jagoda joined the Huge Thing team in 2024, where she was part of the communications team with Damian. Together, they manage the company’s external and internal communications. This includes working with business representatives, business environment institutions, public administration, media, and the academic community. Jagoda also supports marketing and PR activities. Before joining Huge Thing, Jagoda was actively involved in an organization related to the Erasmus+ program. In my free time, she’s passionate about graphics, drawing, and cinema. She’s also a huge fan of traveling!.

    Katarzyna Maryanska

    Program Manager

    Kasia joined Huge Thing in 2024 and strengthened the acceleration team. Together with Maria and Mateusz she creates and leads acceleration programs and creates the startup environment.

    Before joining the Huge Thing team, she gained experience in other startups organizations such as Business Link, Digital Knowledge Observatory and Startup Academy, where she was responsible for coordinating incubation, acceleration projects and community events.

    Huuuuge fan of Erasmus + project (especially related to gamification and visual thinking topics) During her spare time she enjoys low cost traveling, festivals, and good tea :)

    ACE.SG (Action Community for Entrepreneurship)

    ACE.SG (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) is the national voice for the Singapore startup ecosystem, and a key trade association representing the interests of startups in Singapore. Working closely with the Government and startups, ACE.SG aims to promote entrepreneurship, catalyse new growth opportunities, scale startups and build champion enterprises.

    ACE.SG was established in 2003 by the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry, and re-launched as a private sector-led, non-profit organisation in 2014. ACE.SG’s Patron is Dr Tan See Leng, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Trade and Industry.

    ACE.SG constantly seeks to build a vibrant and sustainable startup ecosystem in Singapore, and focuses on five key pillars: Startups, Corporations, Institutes of Higher Learning, Risk Capital, and Public Sector. As the driving force behind Singapore as an Innovation Island, ACE.SG is creating a virtual and physical space where ideas, knowledge, and capabilities are transformed into value efficiently.

    Weve Acceleration

    WEVE Acceleration is NYC’s premiere acceleration program for international startups expanding to the US. Formerly NUMA New York, WEVE enjoys more than twenty years of experience introducing the world’s most promising startups to the world’s largest market. Since opening our NYC office in 2017, we’ve accelerated over 350 startups from 35 different nationalities. Weve Acceleration offer:
    • Workshops and curriculum in US go-to market, sales, marketing, fundraising, and key cultural business practices
    • Customized events for business development, demo-days, custom thought leadership panels, and networking cocktails
    • 1:1 mentorship – connection to a lead and dedicated mentor based on their industry and US objectives, as well as other 1:1 mentor introductions to solve the most pressing business challenges
    • Business match-making – connecting companies directly to WEVE’s network of corporates across industries of Retail, Financial Services, The tech giants, Manufacturing, Health and Pharma, and more.
    • Investor Preparation and Matchmaking, supporting companies in the preparation of their deck, story and assets, and direct introductions to relevant investors
    • Connections and discounts to vetted partners, including legal, banking, accounting, taxes, hiring, and more
    • Over $1M in perks and discounts for things like cloud services, CRM services and other.

    CIC Innovation Campus

    CIC is a global leader in building and operating innovation campuses that support the growth of entrepreneurs and startups. Founded in 1999 with a single location in Kendall Square, the company now operates more than 1 million square feet of shared workspace, wet labs, and event space in the US, Europe, and Asia. Its collaborative work environments support thousands of individuals in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors who are focused on innovating solutions to local and global problems. As part of the Go Global program, CIC offers customized packages to meet startups at their stage of growth and global exploration. Learn more at

    About Veolia Poland

    For over 25 years, Veolia has been a proven partner for industry and Polish cities in the process of ecological transformation. Based on knowledge and international experience, it offers innovative environmental services and solutions based on unleashing synergies and maximising the benefits of implementing the circular economy concept. Operating in the three sectors – energy, water and waste – the Group is involved in, among other things, the production and supply of heat, the provision of district heating services to some 3 million customers, the trading and sale of energy, as well as the transmission and treatment of water. It continuously invests in the expansion and modernisation of its infrastructure and develops modern services such as energy efficiency and Total Waste Management, contributing to the sustainable development of the whole country. Veolia in Poland has more than 4,600 employees whose mission is ‘Resourcing the world’. It operates in 123 towns and cities and manages district heating networks in 58 cities. It operates through companies: Veolia Energia Polska (holding), Veolia Energia Warsaw, Veolia Energia Łódź, Veolia Energia Poznań, Veolia term, Veolia Energy Contracting Poland, Veolia Industry Polska, Veolia EKOZEC, Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Tarnowskie Góry and their subsidiaries.
    Berlin Innovation Agency​ is a boutique transformation studio and academy. We partner with organizations of all sizes to create bespoke learning, change, and innovation journeys.

    We have an extensive track-record supporting entrepreneurs, having accelerated +80 startups through our own accelerator programs: Future City, Future Health, and ClimateX Accelerators. In addition to open-cohort startup programs, we create customized learning journeys based on the challenges and needs of our customers.

    Our learning formats include interactive masterclasses, coaching, as well applicable and actionable workshops (including compact and/or multi-day Bootcamps, Blueprints, Design Sprints, etc.). In the startup acceleration realm, our services cover the entire acceleration span – from ideation to investment readiness, expansion and growth (see comprehensive list below). Additionally, we also support our clients with stakeholder mapping, market analysis, soft landing (incl. event organization, placement and introductions), and more.

    Maria Tyka-Majewska

    Senior Project Manager

    Project manager, Expert in creating innovation and acceleration programs.

    As a member of the Huge Thing team, she is responsible for the creation and coordination of acceleration programs and direct cooperation with startups.

    Before joining the Huge Thing team, she gained experience at the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Startup Academy and the Polish Development Fund, where she was responsible for coordinating incubation and acceleration projects. 
    Italian and Spanish cuisine enthusiast.

    Marta Truś

    Innovation Designer

    Marta joined Huge Thing in 2023 and strengthened the consulting team.
    Together with Maryla and Zuza she supports large organizations in processes related to innovation. That includes, among others: design of processes, innovation framework design, structuring the work of innovation teams and facilitating cooperation with startups.

    Before joining Innovation Monsters, Marta worked in consulting and was involved in business process mapping, user experience research and design. She is interested in digital accessibility and the changes that digital reality brings to our lives. A careful observer of change. Hackathoner, yogi and dog mom.

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    Magda Stachowiak

    Project Manager

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    Sektor publiczny

    Magda Stachowiak

    Project Manager

    Download this resource

    In order to download this resource, we ask you to fill a form. After that you’ll receive the download link diretcly to your inbox!

    Download this resource

    In order to download this resource, we ask you to fill a form. After that you’ll receive the download link diretcly to your inbox!

    Maryla Wojcieszek

    Interim Head of Knowledge, Innovation Shaper

    As Innovation Shaper at Huge Thing, Maryla supports large organizations in processes related to innovation. That includes, among others:  ‘as is’ diagnosis, analysis and (re-)design of processes, innovation framework design, structuring the work of innovation teams, and facilitating cooperation with startups. As the Interim Head of Knowledge, Maryla is responsible for the materialization and transfer of knowledge as well as talent management within the Huge Thing team. She designs and creates new products/services based on internal knowledge resources as well as new models of delivery and dissemination. She’s also a workshop designer and facilitator.

    Experienced designer of (public) programs supporting the startup ecosystem in Poland. In her professional experience, as an Expert in the Startup Development Department at PARP, Maryla co-created, among others, the Scale UP program – the first public acceleration program connecting startups and corporations.

    A gardener and a LEGO fan.

    Download this resource

    In order to download this resource, we ask you to fill a form. After that you’ll receive the download link diretcly to your inbox!


    Cummunity Builder

    Since 2022 Nala has been working like a dog to build the Huge Thing community.

    She’s always happy to welcome you in our office and you can be sure to get a huuuge hug from her!

    PS: don’t forget to bring some treats.

    Mateusz Szymański

    Program Manager

    Tech and innovation enthusiasts, especially those with positive social impact, Greentech, and health tech solutions. In Huge Thing, Mateusz is responsible for co-running acceleration programs. In 2022 he was co-running the 12th edition of the Google for Startups pre-acceleration program. 

    Previously he worked in the sales and product departments, where he was responsible for outreach activities and product communication. He’s also gained experience in project coordination and internal communication, working as a Spokesperson for Poznań’s department of NGO organization The Polish Forum of Young Diplomats. He was a co-creator of the social campaign “Paragraphs without blunder” which mission was to educate high school students about their rights.

    During his spare time, he likes to read about international politics and the economy. Strategic games enjoyer. He’ll surely like to play chess with you.

    Kaja Kulas

    Program Manager

    Kaja joined the Huge Thing team in May 2022. For several years she’s been connected with the startup ecosystem. She helps international startups in growing their businesses in Poland and across Europe.

    In Huge Thing, Kaja is responsible for project management which include running educational programs for startups in their development and acceleration phase. She organizes events, workshops and trainings for the program participants. She monitors their growth and connects with partners and technology recipes. Also, Kaja takes care of relations, community building, recruitments and explorations of startups’ needs to bring them the best value of our programmes.

    Before Huge Thing, she gained her experience in Poznan Science and Technology Park developing international projects funded by the European Commission. Kaja was a part of the PSTP Capital Fund and Regional Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union. She is passionate about travels, sports, music and dogs. Kaja is a happy “dog mom” of our team member – Nala whom you can pet while visiting us. :)


    Kuba Radzikowski

    Innovation Consultant

    Kuba is a seasoned professional with a 20-year background in FMCG, IT, and healthcare, skilled in digital transformation, strategizing market entry, enhancing sales, and understanding consumer behavior. His contributions have bolstered both startups and multinational firms. As a mentor and advisor at Huge Thing, he has spearheaded the launch and growth of numerous startups, securing their successful market presence. Outside of work, Kuba is deeply committed to aiding homeless animals, has a passion for kitesurfing, and is fascinated by cognitive science related to human behavior.

    Magda Stachowiak

    Project Manager

    Magda joined Huge Thing in 2021. Responsible for our Gov Tech inno_Lab acceleration programs and cooperation with the public administration. She runs projects for smart city. She is also responsible for building bridges between innovators – corporations, startups and the administration.

    Previously, since 2015, she cooperated on our projects for Gov Tech and corporations. Connected with the Poznań Startup Community. Experience in organizing events for the MedTech community. She worked in advertising and interactive agencies, creating brand campaigns and loyalty programs. She helped implement technologies into the organization.

    Passionate about personal development, psychobiology, and supporting women in creating businesses. The creator of the projects Kobiecy Poznań Przebudzenie and Joy of Life.

    Damian Wielechowski

    Senior Marketing and Communication Manager

    Damian manages the external and internal communications of SpeedUp Group, including Huge Thing. He joined the team in 2017 and since then has been working with business representatives, business environment institutions, public administration, media, and the academic community.

    In addition to activities related to Speedup Group, Damian supports the fund’s portfolio companies in the area of marketing and PR. He has served on the jury of many competitions, including ImpactCEE, and acted as a mentor at startup events such as hackathons and Startup Weekend.

    Damian is also the author of the Poznan Startup Guide and co-author of the Krakow Startup Guide, as well as organizer of many events dedicated to startups and investors.

    Natalia Sadownik

    Delivery Lead, Senior Program Manager

    Natalia joined Huge Thing in 2019. As a Senior Program Manager, she implements acceleration and educational programs (Poland Prize, PlusJeden do Rozwoju) in line with Huge Thing’s standards.

    As a Delivery Lead, she focuses on the operation of Huge Thing as an organization, financial issues, team planning, and quality of activities carried out by the company. Natalia loves to sail around Masuria and Croatia, and on gray days eats sushi and watches tennis.

    Monika Synoradzka

    CEO of Huge Thing and managing partner at Speedup group

    Monika together with the HT team is responsible for the company’s development in startup acceleration and activities aimed at supporting organizations from the private and public sectors in their work with innovations.

    She specializes in implementing innovations in organizations and building a culture of innovation in companies from various sectors. For years, she has supported the development of Poland’s startup environment.

    Monika is also a Managing Partner at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group.
    Thanks to her knowledge and experience, she helps portfolio companies to understand the operation of large organizations and corporations and prepare to work with them. She also supports them in building business relationships.

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