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Huge Thing

Huge Thing helps corporations to discover their inner face of innovation.

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500 startups

Setting Innovation Strategy

If an organization wants to look for startups in order to have a real benefit from this cooperation, one of the most important issues to consider before starting it is to define a goal and set good strategy.

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Acquiring Innovation

The goal of the programs is not just supporting startups or employes, but finding or creating and testing solutions so that they can be later really implemented in the organization.

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Workshops for innovators

We use our knowledge to support innovators on their way – from problem definition and product development phase to fundraising.

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Global innovation

Huge Thing is a global innovation hub.

Huge Thing helps corporations discover their inner face of innovation. We support companies at every stage of the process of acquiring innovation – from setting the framework and strategies of innovation teams, through support in the implementation of programs and initiatives whose goal is to acquire and create innovations that meet their needs.

We have many years of experience in supporting the development of startups under acceleration programs and supporting them in cooperation with large partners. We have been working with global and local organizations since 2012 to combine startups with the challenges of corporations. In 2018, next to the Huge Thing accelerator, we created Huge Thing Consulting to give more complex support public and corporate entities in building innovation ecosystems.

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Huge Thing and connected us with loads of talented people, both at home and abroad. We got the chance to learn from and work with the best – we’re still in touch with many of them even now.

Huge Thing brought out the big guns and opened the doors to numerous opportunities. Thanks to the programme we got to work closely with Alior Bank and had the rare chance to learn the ropes of cooperating with a major bank. That wouldn’t be possible without the support we got from HT’s team.

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