Poland Prize Partners

2022 Edition

Efficient energy, water and waste management

Veolia Group in Poland has been a reliable partner of cities and industry in the area of effective energy management, water and wastewater management and waste management for over 25 years. Based on knowledge and experience, it offers innovative services tailored to the needs of Customers. By investing in the expansion and modernization of its production and distribution infrastructure, it ensures the highest quality of services.
Veolia constantly looks for innovative solutions in areas such as renewable energy for district heating networks and for industries, energy efficiency of residential and tertiary buildings, water and waste management. Taking into account the circular economy model, it creates and implements economically and environmentally efficient solutions contributing to the sustainable development of cities and industry.

Veolia Group in Poland employs 4,600 employees whose mission is to resource the world. It operates in 109 municipalities, managing district heating systems in 58 cities.

Challenges for projects

Divided by area of interest


  • Leak detection in water supply networks
  • Continuous monitoring of technical and biological parameters of supplied water
  • Exploration of new groundwater sources
  • Hydraulic modeling of water distribution networks


  • How to treat industrial wastewater for reuse in industry and agriculture
  • How to implement methods for the recovery of phosphorus from wastewater
  • How to optimize investments into DWN pipelines in order to reduce non-revenue water while minimizing costs
  • How to aerate wastewater in wastewater treatment plants in an energy efficient way
  • How to compost wastewater sludge in an odorless way (“no-smell composting”) while maintaining a high quality of compost
  • Optimisation of the production of utilities (heat, cooling, electricity, compressed air)
  • Optimisation of energy consumption (e.g. through real-time plant management)
  • New technologies for utilities production (heat, cooling, electricity, compressed air)

  • How to measure and analyse the consumption of energy (heat and electricity) in residential buildings?
  • How to manage and control the thermal comfort of residents in multi-apartment residential buildings?
  • Energy demand management, flexibility management
  • Smart metering – advanced smart meters (real-time collection of electricity and heat consumption data)
  • Virtual power plants – a central management system for diversified, distributed energy sources
  • Energy storage and smart battery/battery network management
  • Smart chargers for electric cars: RTP (real time pricing) systems
  • Predictive modeling in the energy market area (customer demand for electricity
  • New customized heat recovery methods for various industrial sectors

  • How to maximise the heat-generation capabilities of PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) panels in low outdoor temperatures
  • How to efficiently store heat (daily and seasonal storage)?
  • How to recover heat from municipal wastewater in order to supply heat to individual buildings or to the District Heating Network?
  • Sewage sludge management
  • New methods of combustion by products
  • How to support the collection, organization and analysis of data needed for ESG reporting.
  • How to bring contextual information to technicians through Augmented Reality technology

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