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Validate your ideas with leaders

Together with Żabka Group, Huge Thing will carry out the „Żabka Future Lab” program in order to select the most interesting market innovations from young technological companies that could be implemented in the development strategy of the Żabka Group.

Startups selected from 5 key areas: Commerce, Sustainable Development, FoodTech, Sales Automation, and the Shops of the Future for the Żabka will test technologies they created in unmanned stores or on nano store modules.

Żabka Future Lab is a program for start-ups not only from Poland but from the whole CEE region.

Key requirement is – the companies must have a prototype solution that allows for technical and business validation.

Keep in mind that recruitment is on a rolling basis – we might close it earlier if we are satisfied with the solutions invited to the program.

What is our focus?


subscription and payment solutions, purchasing assistants, delivery of purchases, storage or customer verification, including customer age recognition

Sustainable Development

solutions supporting the prevention of food waste or decarbonization


solutions and support products proper nutrition, soft drinks, plant-based foods, functional foods

Retail Automation

automation of marketing, logistics, store operations and store security

Shops of the Future

solutions that can change the shopping process as we know it today

What can you gain?

Who are we looking for?

You have a prototype of a solution in one of the areas the program focuses on – it can be the MVP or a model that you can connect to data in the Lab.

You are ready to validate technical and business hypotheses – we will help you define them with our unique workshops.

You don’t need to have commercial clients – your Sales team might not be as strong as Tech team but you still need to validate the solution!

You have a defined group of recipients which corresponds to Żabka’s stakeholders – so that together you can build an ecosystem of modern convenience solutions.

When should we apply?


Żabka Polska Limited Liability is the owner of the largest convenience store chain in Poland, with over 7,800 stores run by over 6,300 franchisees under the Żabka brand. During twenty years of operations on the Polish market, the Company gained the position of the leader in the convenience sales segment. Our stores are visited daily by more than 2.5 million customers, and 12 million consumers live no further than 300 m from the nearest Żabka store. To provide them with convenience and the highest quality of service, Żabka Future develops technological and system tools for the future. As part of the Żabka responsibility strategy, the chain has made commitments in the areas of good nutrition, services that facilitate sustainable life, the development of entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusive organizational culture, corporate governance, as well as decarbonization and circular economy.

Do you have any question?

We’ll be more than happy, to answer you!

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