SpeedUp Proof of Principle

Apply for SpeedUp POP and get a grant to verify your technology.

The SpeedUp PoP grant is for innovators from Poland that develop technology and want to commercialize it.

SpeedUp PoP gives you the opportunity to receive a 50K PLN grant for the purpose of verifying the technology idea. PoP, or Proof of Principle, is a phase consisting of a preliminary assessment of the potential of an R&D project, analysis of the competitive environment, defining the research plan, and the first milestones of the R&D Project development.

The implementation of the PoP phase is possible, among others in scientific units, through individuals or dedicated project teams (inventors, originators) operating in Poland, and its realization is not essentially connected with a legally separate entity.

Applicants can receive the grant up to 50K PLN. There’s also a possibility to get additional financial support from the National Center for Research and Development as the Fund may recommend the project for further financing. Support is provided in the form of a non-returnable subsidy, settled at the final stage of the project under one document.

During the program, the team works only directly with the fund. In exchange for the grant, the Fund receives right to engage up to 1M PLN capital as a part of the next financing round. The Project realization needs to be confirmed by the execution report as well as invoices and bills confirming the incurred expenses.

For what activities can be used SpeedUP POP Grant?

Laboratory testing costs

including prototype construction costs

Costs of legal, economic

and technological analyzes

Remuneration and external services

related to work on technology

What conditions must my project meet to get grant?

Min. of 80% technology ownership

owned by people involved in the project

Project creators are ready to engage

in commercialization and/or business development

Application Process Chart

How to apply?

There are tree easy steps. First one – You should prepare a project presentation based on the scope of information provided in the document template. In the second step, send it to the following address: investments@speedupgroup.com and as the e-mail title enter: „SpeedUp PoP application”. Done!

Information on the qualification or non-qualification of the project for the next stage will be received by each team that sends a complete application, understood as a correctly completed presentation. The team will receive an initial response within a maximum of 14 days. The Fund reserves the right to reject a project if it does not meet THE investor criteria without sending a detailed explanation. If you have more questions – contact us on damian.wielechowski@speedupgroup.com


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SpeedUp Bridge Alfa is a fund focused on supporting projects operating in the technology industry, created, based on or using in its activities the results of scientific research or research and development works. It is dedicated to creators of modern, rare, or even absent from the market products or services from thematic areas such as agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, logistics, energy, finance, insurance, trade, and solutions for SMEs, using ICT-related issues.

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