Report: Corporations
and Startups

Are corporations in Poland really ready for cooperation with startups?


Observing the work of startups and corporations on a daily basis and comparing it with the messages that appear in the media and during industry events, we decided to check how it really is. 

  • What factors have the greatest impact on the success of such a relationship?
  • What impact do interpersonal relationships have on success?
  • Who in the corporation (directly or indirectly) deals with the implementation of innovative projects and what is the role of the board in this?
  • To what extent are corporations operating in Poland ready locally * to undertake – often risky – cooperation with startups?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?

Following this lead, we asked representatives of selected innovation companies about their opinion and ways of operating. The result of these conversations is this report.

> 90 pages of deep startup knowledge

Report "Corporations and Startups" is dedicated for

Companies that want to start cooperation with startups, but do not know how to go about it.

Companies that already cooperate with startups, but they feel that this cooperation is not quite right.

Startups who would like to learn more about the internal challenges their business partners or clients are facing.

All those who are interested in today’s dynamics of cooperation between corporations and startups.

Surveyed companies

100 M - 100 B PLN

Net profit globally

2 K - 400 K

Employees worldwide

400 - 40 K

Employees in Poland

74% : 26%

Number of global corporations / Companies operating only in Poland

Main conclusions

What did we find out? Many interesting things. Among others that:

  • Corporations in Poland are focused on implementing organization solutions. For this reason, and due to various internal obstacles, startups that are after the first financing round and have already had their first market successes have the best chance of initially establishing cooperation between a startup and a corporation.
  • In a corporation, the biggest internal obstacles in cooperation with a corporation include: an inadequate system of procedures hindering efficient operation, a lack of work with innovation as part of employee assessment (KPI), and a high workload for IT departments.
  • One of the key challenges of the corporation to develop fully innovative activities is the existing work culture and a change in the mindset of the entire organization at various levels.


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The report was made thanks to support PFR Ventures – an entity that operates in the fund of funds formula, offering financing for innovative SMEs via selected financial intermediaries, e.g. venture capital or business angels. Funds dedicated to innovative projects come from European funds, i.e. the “Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020” and private funds from selected financial agents.

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