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Huge Thing 5th Edion

Global innovation

2018 Edition

The fifth edition of Huge Thing was carried out in cooperation with Alior Bank within the ScaleUp program – supported by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The goal of the entire program was the commercialization of projects with the highest potential; meaning, initializing market sales of new products or technology licenses, in cooperation with the program’s partners. This edition of Huge Thing was addressed to startups from CEE, who have their MVP – a basic form of product/solution, which has passed its first market testing. We managed to successfully accelerate 11 teams. During the program, the startups were participating in individual sessions and collective workshops. Each project had a tutor with whom they could define their goals. The startups started their work from creating a lean canvas, furthermore they defined their target group, marketing and sales channels, product UX and onboarding, pitching and preparing pitch deck, marketing, communication, and distribution channels.

Huge Thing mentors helped teams to develop their startups in the right direction and in the right pace. From the very beginning, teams were closely worked with Alior Bank representative, so they could together develop the path of future potential implementation. During the program, teams visited Berlin and London. The aim of these visits was to get to know local startup scenes, but also participation in meetings with potential partners. The teams were also given an opportunity to meet venture capital represntatives during Speed Dating. The program was finished with Demo Day – official final event, where startups had a possibility to present yourself in front of investors and a chance to meet new business partners.

Program partners

Alior bank



BankMail saves time and money wasted currently by Polish citizens in queues at the post office while trying to collect registered letters. BankMail is a digital mailbox securely connected to e-banking platforms, where users comfortably sign, send, collect and store all their legally important docs.



Contract Checker For Enterprise Customers, who want to automate business processes involving text analysis, Contract Checker is AI-based Robotic Process Automation tool that analysis documents such as legal agreement to find key data and export it to other systems.


GameHR is an automated SaaS platform with scientifically proven HR games. Our product merges the findings of neuroscience, gamification and makes recruitment process more friendly and resistant to manipulation. We are the bridge between your company and the best-suited employees.


FXManago helps exporters and importers face with FX risk and currencies needs in one spot. One of our clients compared the application to the automated air traffic controller for currencies management. Personally, we say that the application is for unsigned heroes who face fx risk everyday in their companies.


HeyRents – We will change status quo in housing rental industry. MidYou helps landlords to manage their properties in one place, digitally. From private individuals to big portfolios.


FlyFox predicts airline ticket prices and provides auto-booking on price dips using artificial intelligence and neural networks.


Limitless is a Micro-investment app licensed to Financial players, targeted to Millennials. It allows them to save for their future without sacrificing their present needs.


Metricso is a social media intelligence platform providing brands with deep knowledge about their customers. With use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, it helps marketers to make smarter decisions.Using Metricso you can enrich your knowledge (CRM database) about each and every of your customers with hundreds of variables describing interests, behaviors and characteristics.


Pergamin is an easy way to minimize legal risk and to digitalize paperwork done in the company. We provide small and medium-sized business with a solution to manage all the legal issues in one SaaS system – from automated creation of contracts, through issuing invoices to storing all the documents in one place to have them in front of your eyes before you even blink.


PingFin – Control your finances with an automated mobile assistant. PingFin aggregates all banks’ accounts in one place and allows you to plan your finances correctly. Keep an eye on your credit history, get smart tips, achieve financial goals, spend money effectively.


Supozu is linking banks with blockchains. Their platform will enable fast and secure blockchain token purchases thanks to the PSD2 directive and integration with banks’ APIs.



Query Storm is an add-in for Excel that makes Excel substantially more powerful and tech-user-friendly. It allows users to use their existing tech skills to make working with data in Excel substantially easier for themselves and their clients.

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