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Huge Thing 2th Edion




Dealavo monitors goods and their prices on the internet and provides customers with a highly effective way to create their pricing policy.


LiveCall enables businesses to talk with people, who are currently visiting their website.


A multiplayer matchmaking client pushing limits of online gaming and virtual currency for gamers.


Moodnode is a smart light switch with an app that lets you personalize your home’s lighting environment.


GetBadges is a gamification platform which allows developers to play and compete while using software development tools such as GitHub, Jira, Trello, Redmine, and more.


DeeperDive wants to organize live-streamed webinars for medical doctors and sell access to it with an affordable monthly subscription. Their focus is cancer treatment.


BazaarMMA is an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts marketplace, where you can shop for unique products directly from young and emerging brands.


Mobile Labs has created a complete solution – an IoT Ecosystem that consists of three main elements: hardware module, cloud software, and user interface dedicated for mobile and web applications.



Planning Panda is a software for booking and renting resources among institutions, companies and co-working spaces.


Udrive brings world’s first fully universal slider driver. It is a device that replaces the cinematographer.



Main goal of Humming Woods’ team is to create series of computer games set in the world of Tappi the Viking.


Medhertz project wants to create and prepare oncology detection device – it will allow precise skin scanning.


Jukie is a new free app for smartphones which allows people to share their favorite songs with others.



It’s a B2C Web Portal connecting aspirants with accomplished pilots, where the former could gain vital experience, knowledge and skills to venture into this dynamic career of Aviation.


RegistMed is a virtual medical reception service dedicated for private and small/medium-sized medical practices.


Noxai’s goal is to build a framework which allows fast and automated contract analysis for commercial and individual customers.

Edition summary

After a year, 14 out of 17 projects are still operating, 6 of them received an investment, 2 qualified for an international accelerator program like Startup Bootcamp and Axel Springer Plug and Play.

Each team is greatly satisfied with being a part of the Pre-acceleration program. They unanimously claim that the main values of the program are business contacts along with the possibility of working together with other startupers.

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