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Activities for corporate game changers

Nowadays, when companies are changed by using new technologies and innovative thinking, how to engage people in transformation becomes one of the most important challenges.

‘Huge Thing is about mentoring’ this motto describes us the best.

In Huge Thing, we believe in learning by doing. That’s why we realize several activities by which “game changers” can jump into the world of innovation, learn how to build internal processes supporting the creation of innovations, and engage colleagues in them.

For the Begginers


Setting the innovation strategy 

If you just start – take a short overview of each important aspect that needs to be set before you start implementing innovation to the company.

How does it works?

6 hours workshop focused on the most important elements of creating the innovation team in the company. We working around 6 modules: GOALS, NEEDS, ACTION, ORGANIZATION, COMMUNICATION, and PLAN.

The Result

Identification of the organization’s needs for innovation; Outline the framework for the innovation team, Identifying the team’s place in the organization’s structures and key partners; Discussing the communication methods of implemented activities; Developing the team’s first activities.


Mapping the innovation

At the beginning is good to map what kind of challenges your company has and what are company’s innovation needs.

How does it works?

One of the methods that support the process of learning the needs for innovation is the mapping innovation method developed by Greg Satel. The methodology is based on the so-called innovation framework – a tool that allows you to identify areas that require innovation and choose the best approach for their implementation.

The Result

A thorough understanding of the processes that should/can be optimized through innovation. Creating a roadmap of areas requiring innovation with directional information on how to obtain and implement them. It can also be extended to identified technological trends in identified areas.


Innovation’s way in the company

Answer the question – what has to happen inside the company, what steps do you need to take to test and implement innovations?

How does it works?

Dedicated workshops focused on setting the innovation’s way inside the company, identify key processes and challenges, and creating the plan how to make the processes faster and agile.

The Result

Driving of the real way of innovation inside the company – identification of key conditions to be met in order to verify, test and implement innovations. During the workshop we identify main barriers for the innovation to enter the organization and prepare the list of ideas how to make the process faster and more startups friendly.

For those who just started and want to know more about startups and startup’s world

To Know better

Deep Dive in Startup World.
It is easier to work with the matter you know better. Get yourself a better start.

How it works

Dedicated workshops with the team members know more the specific of startups nature. Examples of modules: startup and the company – What are startups and how do they work? Why corporations should fear startups? Startup: Basics of operation (Lean Startup, Lean Canvas, financing, communication), Startup lifecycle, meetings with selected startups).

The result

Getting knowledge and experience about startups, their specifics, working methods, networking, and innovation. Establishing first relations in the startup world.

For companies who want to engage employees in creating the innovations


Intrapreneurship is a system that allows an employee to act like an entrepreneur within a company or other organization. In Huge Thing Using our experience in working with startups, we have created a program under which employees play the role of entrepreneurs and create innovations for the needs of the company.


Huge Thing is leading all processes in and around Internal Program. From the definition of challenges and recruitment of employees, through leading teams while creating solutions to preparing recommendations for implementing solutions.


We also support the company’s employees in using new skills in everyday work and sharing knowledge among colleagues. Our team provides support from external experts and tools necessary for evaluation and verification of created solutions and ROI estimation.

Creating the innovations chart

For those who want to build culture of innovation


Want to put people in creative process and see the results? Organize Service Jam. This 3-days event is focused on identifying needs and create ideas solving real problems indicated by the organization. Bring employes or customers together (maybe both groups together) and check what they create for your company.


Innovation Day is cycling, 1-day inside the company event for employees to inspire them by the possibilities of technology and showing work run by the innovation team. We can invite to your company the key players from the most important innovation ecosystems (Warsaw, London, Berlin, CEE).


We can also organize one day overview of interesting, selected startups dedicated to key areas of needs identified by your organization.

Do you have any question?

We’ll be more than happy, to answer you!

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