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Our Offer

We support companies at every stage of the process of acquiring innovation – from setting the framework and strategies of innovation teams, through support in the implementation of programs and initiatives whose goal is to acquire and create innovations that meet their needs.

Setting Innovation Strategy

Zuzanna Skalska said: Creative Process without Upfront Innovation Mindset it is just the waste of time to play with colorful post-its. If you want to start working with innovation in your organization – we recommend those activities as the base to the setting innovation strategy:

  • Setting the innovation team – elements of an effective innovation team.
  • Deep Dive in Startup World – learn how startups works.
  • Mapping Innovation – exploring the areas of innovation in the company/industry.
  • Startups way in the organization – building startup’s roadshow inside the company.
  • Service blueprint for innovation labs – setting the right processes around innovation labs.
  • Building the culture of innovation – how to engage people in transformation.
Find more about our activities for corporates game changers.

Acquiring Innovation

More and more organizations are running acceleration programs with an awareness of what areas and sectors they are interested in. Some of them have specific business challenges that are crucial for their company. The goal of the program is not just supporting startups or employes, but finding or creating and testing solutions so that they can be later really implemented in the organization.

We deliver programs to meet different needs:

  • To find and accelerate interesting startups (2-6 months)
  • To validate organization fit – Huge Thing Startup Sprint (1 week)
  • To build internal innovation – Innovation program for employees
  • Dedicated scouting for corporations
  • Custom build programs for specific partner’s needs

Workshops for innovators

We use our knowledge to support innovators on their way – from problem definition and product development phase to fundraising.

  • Finding the investor – Workshops supporting founders in preparing to the investments round. We show how to find good investor, how to prepare good Pitch Deck and how to build relations with potential investors. Workshops include intensive pitching training.
  • Lean Canvas + Problem definition + Product development – Complex workshops aimed at clarifying the needs of the users and clients for whom solution is created and what customer expectations should be met.
  • Lean Startup – By workshops we show how to create solutions according to Lean Startup methodology.

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