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The worst advice a founder may get is to…. follow the footsteps of someone who talks about his success. Especially if the successful person is in a totally different galaxy. When we do that we fall prey to what we call survivorship bias. We tend to overestimate our chances based on a few anecdotes about people who succeeded. We dismiss the variables that might have influenced success. So I guess all sort of very radical and simple advice is total crap. That is why (apart from situations where we have science backed evidence that something works this way or the other) my advice usually starts with… IT DEPENDS. 

In your opinion what’s the thing that people most often forget/don’t pay enough attention to while running a business/startup. We tend to forget that this is above all hard work and grit. At the same time, we focus too much on hustle and busyness. I personally think this whole „sleep is for the week” and „hustle till you drop” culture stupid and dangerous. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the right statistics and be honest – if something is not working it will not work. 

If you were to give a piece of advice to someone who just starting their first business what would it be… Just do it! And if you don’t succeed, stop and try something else. There is this (again stupid) saying that Winners never quit, quitters never win. It is so not true. Those who win very often know when to quit. And those who quit can be winners. But we prefer – both in life and business – slogans, not scientifically accurate explanations. 

One book everyone should read… Mindware by Richard Nisbet

A tool/app/program that’s making your life ( work-life/ personal-life) easier/better… my brain and critical thinking. Seriously. You do not need an app. 

Pivot or a failure that has taught you the most… When I got very sick and had to quit my theatre job I’ve learned that there is actually nothing more important than balanced wellbeing. What is the use of the strongest mind in the body that is falling apart? So I said yes to health. 

What’s the habit, belief or behaviour that improved your life the most….making my bed and having a very regular sleep pattern. And listening. When I talk I only hear the things I know. When I listen, I learn. 

The best investment you made ( any kind of investment – money, time, energy etc)… Masterclass E-learning 🙂

Quote to live by…. I don’t live by quotes. They simplify reality and thus give the wrong kind of advice. Most of the witty sharp quotes do not stand the test of science. 

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Piotr Bucki is an architect who does not design, an academic teacher who does not fit schemes, communication fanatic addicted to analyses and social psychologist always looking for WHY? He considers himself a modern-day Hermes – a researcher who combines different inspirations to come up with new solutions. He collects ideas and merges them into new ones. And he loves to build it all on solid neuroscientific base. As a freelance consultant, he works with companies big and small, local and global, offering them support and knowledge necessary to tackle communication strategies. He also teaches and trains in a wide range of communication-related areas. He’s been working with Huge Thing for several years, helping our startups and clients define their core message and present it in the most precise way.