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Case Study: #WyzwaniePZU – Using Service Jam to bring fresh ideas into the company

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Case Study: #WyzwaniePZU – Using Service Jam to bring fresh ideas into the company

Marta Janczewska-Bażak
Communication specialist with a soft spot for startups. And in free time - big healthy lifestyle freak.

How are you feeling after the intense weekend of work with RBL, Bank Pekao S.A and the participants of #wyzwaniePZU?

Anna Kościuczuk: I am very pleased that the event could have taken place in such a great atmosphere thanks to the involvement of many different people like mentors, participants, seniors and trainers who have developed the whole approach of the workshops. Appropriate attitude and commitment of each individual led the whole event to great results – five ideas for solutions improving life quality for seniors and their caregivers.

I think that a big part of the success of an effective service jam is well defined and interesting topic. Topic that solves an existing problem, as well as, in a way provokes people to get involved and be a part of the change. Why did you choose the topic of the challenges of seniors and their caretakers?

 We as an organizer, didn’t defined problem precisely. We set a very general issue – how to improve life of seniors and theirs caregivers. We didn’t say that solutions must focus on finance, solitude or health. We hoped that participants would tell us what the biggest problem in their opinion is and why and how they want to solve it.  

To defined problem in detail we tried to provide as much knowledge to the participants as possible. We prepared insights – report before service jam, and during service jam – lectures, consultations with experts and seniors. We even have had geriatric suits for participants to let them experience the limitations experienced by older people.

We chose the topic of seniors and their caregivers because we see that demographic trends are changing and we believe that our place is to be important player during that change, providing peace of mind and caring for the needs of various groups of clients – also seniors and their caretakers.  

We were really impressed by the people that attended the event. Sure as Huge Thing, we did everything we could so the recruitment process went as good as it could, but people that came to #wyzwaniePZU, exceeded our expectations. They were extremely dedicated, truly wanted to learn and had amazing ideas. And the interest in this initiative was huge. What, from your perspective, was the most important factor in choosing the right people for the event which requires participant with diverse experience?

We tried to choose people who already had some experience connected with elderly. We chose people who were volunteers, who prepare in their work some reports about seniors, who work in other project connected with silver economy, people from medical care for seniors or university of the third century or who were seniors or caretakers themselves.

During workshops they could confront their knowledge and experience with each other and with seniors and experts invited by us.

Have you noticed any patterns in the solutions that came out of the event? Was there something that stood out the most?

We are really happy that each solution was different. It shows that the workshops were very well conducted by trainers. It also shows that groups worked independently and that they did not have anything imposed.

For me solution that won stood out the most because it showed seniors as a solution – not as a problem.

What are your plans regarding the solutions that came out of the Service Jam? Have they inspired you in any way or maybe your already planning to implement some of them?

First, we would like to deepen the analysis (among others check technological and legal possibilities etc.). After that and after finding business owner in the organization we can think of possible pilot implementation.

Where did the idea for Service Jam come from? And why you wanted to use a Design Thinking methodology and Double Diamond process?

We wanted to do workshops that in a short amount of time would give us sensible solutions, useful (which seniors and their caretakers will want to use) and with business case. Double Diamond approach and service jam formula seems to match our expectations.

Are you thinking of organizing such an event again? Would you consider it?

If we will find new interesting topic and we will have certainty that we should use service jam for it  we will organize similar event again.

Do you think such initiatives are a good way to bring fresh ideas into an organization? Or maybe you see a different goal that it can serve?

Such initiatives are a great way to bring fresh ideas into an organization and gather feedback directly from your customers or potential customers. To prepare it well I wanted to emphasize two things. Firstly, very important issue is to answer before service jam why we need this ideas and how we manage later those ideas. Secondly, crucial in whole process is getting as much insights as possible so solid research is essential.

Anna Kościuczuk:

Associated with the PZU Group since 2013, initially as a Business Analyst at Bancassurance and Strategic Partnership Department, from May 2017 as an Innovation Analyst at the Innovation Laboratory. She is responsible for analyses, verifications of solutions and technologies available on the market as well as the possibilities of their application. Part of her duties is also contact with potential partners, searching for suppliers, establishing contacts with local and international organizations and startups and supporting business in innovative projects implementation.