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1. What is HugeThing acceleration program?

HugeThing is an intensive acceleration program, based in Poland. The program is dedicated to startups working on a scalable, innovative idea. We aim at providing series of methods and resources for their development and growth.

2. What is new in the 4rd edition?

This time, it is carried out in cooperation with Alior Bank within the ScaleUp program – supported by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. We are focused on finding solutions that can help them growing faster. Also, this is a chance for startups to work with a strong partner that can deliver knowledge and support and eventually implement startups solutions to its structure.

3. How will acceleration program look like?

A single edition of Huge Thing consists of 18 weeks of workshops. During first few weeks, each startup will work with an individual mentor.

Each startup will participate in group-workshops from Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays are dedicated for the implementation of acquired knowledge and work on a product.

4. Is it possible to stay after the workshops for an individual work on my project?

Yes of course! Feel free to stay wit us till 8PM from Monday to Friday.

5. Who is behind the program?

HugeThing acceleration program is powered by SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. You can check its team details here.

6. Can I apply for the program if I’m a single founder?

Yes, you can, but the chance to get accepted is lower. We prefer complete teams that have a full range of skills.

7. Is there a restriction on the amount of members of a team?


8. Do I have to pay for the program?

No! The participation in the program is free of charge! You do not need to pay for taking part in Huge Thing program.

9. How many teams will be selected to participate in Huge Thing?

We will accept 10 teams.

10. Will I have to sign any agreement with Huge Thing while joining the program?

Yes, you have to accept terms of use to join the pre-accelerator. Terms of use will be signed before the program’s start. You can see terms here [PL or ENG]. After the pre-acceleration period, each team have to sign a contract to join the proper acceleration program.

You also have to accept general rules of participation that describe how to behave in the working space.

11. Will I have to sign in blanco promissory note?


12. Will participating startups get any funding during the program?

Yes, team can get up to 45k EUR.

Also, there’s a chance to receive funding from one of the funds belonged to SpeedUp Venture Capital Group (Huge Thing doesn’t invest in startups itself). SpeedUp Group invests from $30K up to $1,5M depending on the startup development stage.

Both Alior Bank and SpeedUp Group reserve the right to participate the investment rounds within 24 months after program duration.

13. How much equity do you take?

Huge Thing doesn’t take any equity.

14. What sort of companies do you select?

We’re mostly looking for solutions from the FinTech area, i.e.: Blockchain, Biometrics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, Cyber Security, Payments, Authentication, or AR (Augmented Reality); projects that can improve performance of the financial companies. We are looking for startups from CEE with MVP.

15. Do I have to be there for the entire program?

We believe it is essential to focus entirely on your startup for the duration of the program, but there’s no demand for the entire team to take part in each workshop. We expect at least one team member to be present each day.

16. Can I apply if I’m not from Poland?

Yes. International teams are more than welcomed.

17. Is my age a factor in your selection process?


18. Where will we live while participating the program?

We don’t guarantee an accommodation, however, we will do our best to help you find some.

19. Do I need to provide a full business plan with financials?

No, just complete our short application form and we’ll inform you about next steps.

20. When the application period ends?

On 17th of April 2017.

21. What will be provided during the program?

We provide you with inspiring working space and great dose of knowledge as well as access to the best Polish and abroad mentors.

22. When will I hear back about my application?

The official list of accepted startups will be revealed on 30th of May.

23. Will my solution be implemented to Huge Thing partner's structure?

We don’t guarantee the implementation, however there’s a big chance to establish a cooperation with Alior Bank.

24. Will you sign an NDA?


25. We’ve already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

Each application is considered individually, so it doesn’t exclude you from the application process.

26. Who could I contact to get more information?

If you have any question, please call Kasia (+48 511 100 277) or write an e-mail: hello@hugething.vc