About Huge Thing

About 2012 Edition

The first edition of the Huge Thing program took place in 2012 and lasted for 6 months.

Its applicants were people with ideas, who were building their first prototypes during the program. The program’s goal was to create a basic version of a startup with a global potential, as well as to develop a business model. The participants took part in workshops concerning areas of strategy, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship.

Program’s first edition was an initiative of Speed Up Venture and LMS Invest’s management. The program was divided into two parts. Three months of intense work were followed by a project progress assessment, resulting in 7 out of 14 teams continuing to work on their startups. They received funding of 30,000.00 PLN for their development in exchange for a 10% stake.

About Huge Thing
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Meet our 1st edition startups


It’s an innovative learning technique of playing interactive poker game, which introduces players with game rules as they play. Users can play hands in dedicated rooms, where they get game related tips and pointers while playing.


An application which allows its users to sell any file they have stored in their Dropbox. An ideal solution for authors, artists, and any other person who creates files/solutions useful for others.


A subscription-based platform for creating subscription stores allowing to sell products in few easy steps.

Transparent choice

An application based on a scientific AHP method, which supports the decision making process in businesses, institutions and administration. A good tool minimizing the risk of errors while making decisions.


A solution merging interests of all three parties of an online advertisement market: advertisers, publishers and potential customers. A system based on a quiz concept, combining interests of all parties.


It’s a mobile application whose goal is to accustom kids to doctor’s visits. Its first version is dedicated to dental visits. The application guides parents in preparing their kids for their first dentist visits, and helps kids develop healthy oral hygiene habits.


It’s a service which allows collection of specific event related pictures and videos in one place. Dedicated not only to regular users but also to event planning professionals.

Edition summary

The following received an investment: Pocademy, Sellbox, Subscrea, and Transparent Choice. The remaining three received a conditional investment. Years later, Transparent Choice is still operating and being developed, while the rest of the projects are currently operating in another field.