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Our Offer

The Huge Thing is a global innovation hub. By organizing acceleration programs, workshops and consulting we help build profitable startups, as well as implement and develop new technologies in organizations.

Acceleration programs

We have 7 years exeprience in building and realizing acceleration programs dedicated to help startup growing. We know how to realize programs financed from public money and shorten programs dedicated to specific needs of corporation or funds. Would you like to create your own acceleration program? We can help you create it as white label and support your team during steps.

Support in cooperation with startups and innovation

Would you like to cooperate with startups? We know how to do this in good, valuable way. We can help you to facilitate implementation proces, build an effective path of cooperation with a startups in your company and find and select suitable startups to meet your needs.

Building culture of innovation

Zuzanna Skalska said: Creative Process without Upfront Innovation Mindset it is just the waste of time to play with colorful post-its. We totally agree with them. If you want to have an innovative company you should create innovative environment inside. All Huge Thing team we can support you in creating a strategy for building an innovation culture in your company, and planning and implementing initiatives that support it. Would you like to create an internal acceleration program for employees? We’ll be happy to help you! 🙂

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