21 February 2017 angelika.rapala

Tee Dobinson


A charismatic speaker and an authority on leadership and influencing skills Tee has trained over 100,000 people, delivered key note addresses globally, coached numerous individuals to success and is the author/editor of seven publications. Highlights of the last few years have been working as a Leadership Expert for the European Union and being nominated as Business Woman of the Year (2103), joining the City of London Business Board for the NSPCC and co-founding Baizdon (2014), travelling to Addis Ababa to run a leadership programme for Girl Hub Ethiopia and climbing to the very peak of the Monument to view London through it’s golden flames (2015).

Tee brings an incredible amount of energy to everything she does, she connects with people instantly and her natural warmth and sparkle brings an event of any size alive. Tee has huge experience of speaking globally, both in the business world and during her eight years as a Nike sponsored fitness athlete. She now uses her executive coaching expertise to work with select clients on her Next Step programmes where her success is built on the combined of her vast experience in the corporate and government arenas and her user-friendly personal style.

Tee has been the resident expert on the Gherkin for Searcys since 2010 giving talks on the building at events at the top and using her MC skills to ensure events run seamlessly. The pairing of a motivational speaker with Foster + Partners stunning building has been a huge success. As part of her two years researching the building Tee, who is scared of heights, went around the outside of the Gherkin with the window cleaners. The thinking being partly her perfectionist attitude to research and partly that how can you encourage other people to take big steps if you can’t take one yourself… Literally. So she stepped out from the building into the window cleaning cradle – crossing a tube station like gap that just happened to be 36 floors up in the air… This has became the inspiration her work on the Next Step.

Tee is the Client Director of creative agency Baizdon which specialises in producing souvenir guides for exceptional places. Here she enjoys adding her people skills and love of architecture to the creative team, together they have produced souvenir guides to the Gherkin, the National Portrait Gallery, Tower Bridge Exhibition and the Monument.

Tee has led a huge number of projects, this year she has thoroughly enjoyed overseeing the new guide to the Monument and working on the 2015 Gherkin Challenge for the NSPCC. Last year, having already run up the building twice for the charity, Tee was voted onto the London Business Board for the NSPCC and joined the Steering Committee for the charity’s walk/run up the Gherkin. The revitalised event was a huge success with double the number of people registered and it raised a whopping £216,000 – a 171% increase on the previous year. In 2013 the highlight was her work for the EU in Sierra Leone, her thoroughly enjoyable first trip to West Africa where she felt she gained just as much, if not more, than she gave out. Her thoughts remain very much with the people she met and worked with, and with their families and communities, during the current Ebola crisis.