22 February 2017 angelika.rapala

Kamil Dziadkiewicz

Kamil loves everything technology-related, despite the fact that he is a Polish major. He loves talking about tech from 3D printing and mobile to wearables and new media. That’s exactly the reason why spreading the word about technology became his job. He was a speaker at TEDx, was teaching social media on many universities and has many years of experience working in ad agencies. He also worked for all major national TV stations in Poland as researcher and co-producer. Before joining Swimmo he was technology evangelist at Omni3D – polish 3D printers producer. At Swimmo he’s responsible for digital presence, strategy and building international relationships. He was working on two successful Kickstarter campaigns. In his spare time he’s organizing Social Media Thursdays in Poznań and is a co-host of Polish startup and technology focused podcast “Webskie Chłopaki”.