21 February 2017 angelika.rapala

Jacek Kotarbiński


Jacek Kotarbiński — expert of the marketing world. Blog of the Year 2012 Onet.pl laureate in „Professional and Company Blogs” category. He have been proving practical support for the companies in competitiveness, innovation and marketing for 25 years. Coach in business and management consultant. Speaker at InfoShare, TEDx Gdynia, MEGA Rzeszow. His ebook “The Art Of Marketing” was placed second on the iTunes at the “Business and Financial” category after four months. He studied in Germany, Austria and Poland. PhD student on the Gdansk University, lecturer on Questus/Chartered Institute of Marketing, Leon Kozminski’s Academy, Higher Bank School, Gdansk University. Author of the articles in “Marketing in Practice” and “Marketer Plus”. Originator of the “Bareizmy Forever Alive” fanpage. Author of the blog kotarbinski.com. Author of the bestseller “Art of marketology” (audiobook at http://onepress.pl/ksiazki/sztuka-rynkologii-jacek-kotarbinski,sztryn.htm#format/3)